A Heart Set Ablaze


So they said to each other, “Weren’t our hearts ablaze within us while He was talking with us on the road and explaining the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32 HCSB


In Luke 24 the men walking down the road to Emmaus unknowingly had an encounter with Jesus. After they later realized who he was, they discovered something that is true to us to this day; when we are in the presence of Jesus, our hearts are set ablaze.

Sometimes in life we become complacent.  We get too tired to get up and go to church, we get too busy to open our Bibles, and maybe we put off our prayer times because of different things.  What we don't realize is that complacency is a tool of the enemy to separate us from Christ.  When we prioritize our time with Christ, regardless of how we feel, we find that there is a supernatural renewal to our hearts, and we are energized, refreshed, and thriving in the presence of Jesus.

Martin Luther once said that “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” Sometimes we feel that it would benefit us to put God on the back-burner, when in reality, we need God, his supernatural strength, and His presence to revitalize our hearts, souls, and mind. It isn't about legalism, or earning God's love.  Time spent with God is a condition of the heart, one we can't afford to ignore.


Father, we thank you so much for the opportunity to have a relationship with you. Being in your presence renews me, and refreshes my soul. Thank you for the gift of rest, and thank you for the gift of waking up each day, revitalized with your presence constantly near me, and Your Spirit in me.

Your Turn

Where have your priorities been this week? Do you make it a point to spend time with God?

Regardless of how you feel this week, push through your feelings, and make it a priority to spend time with God throughout the week, through reading His word, being in His church, and prioritizing time in prayer.