A Patient Blessing


“The Lord has done this for me,” she said. “In these days he has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people.” — Luke 1:25 


You didn’t get the job. He didn’t pop the question. You haven’t given them grandchildren. There are so many expectations that we just can’t seem to meet. Our inability to conform to the mold of what the world says we should be often leads to shame, disgrace, and oppressive feelings of failure.  

Elizabeth was a follower of Christ. She was trying to do right by her husband and her God, but she was unable to have a child. At the time, being barren was one of the worst labels for a woman, and Elizabeth was not just having a difficult time. She was already menopausal and had given up hope for a child. She was unable to meet the societal and cultural expectations, and, to the world, her duty as a wife was unmet and a lost cause. 

But we soon learn from a pregnant Elizabeth, and so many others in the Bible, that the richest blessings with the greatest impact frequently require monumental patience. Jacob worked and waited for Rachel twice over. Ruth went through a tremendous time of loss before she met Boaz. We are not on the world’s clock. As children of God, we are made worthy of blessings that take time to grow and manifest. We do not serve a teasing or withholding God. We serve a Father who gently whispers not yet. A Father who provides the blessings we need in the form and time we need them.  


Lord, as I look at the clock, my schedule, and the opinions of others to measure my days, pull my gaze to you instead. When I don’t understand Your timing, remind me of the immense blessings that can come from faithfully waiting. Give me strength and hope in a future that far exceeds the world’s guidelines and expectations. Amen.

Your Turn: 

Has God’s plan/calling in your life ever contradicted the schedule/plan others have for you? 

Are there goals you keep in fear of disappointing others? Do these goals match up with God’s calling?