An Imaginary god


“For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9


Have you ever had someone say to you; “I think God is ___”, or “I don’t think God would ___”, or maybe even heard someone say “God is not like that”. Those phrases are just a drop in the bucket compared to what floats around about God. The problem with this is that most of the time what is being said about God is completely contrary to Scripture. If sin is clearly addressed and forbidden in the Word, why would one person tell another that God just wants them to be happy, knowing full well they are in sin? If salvation through Christ alone is the only way to the Father, why would one tell another that as long as they were a good person they could go to Heaven?  If what is being said about God: who He is, what He does or doesn’t do, does not line up with scripture then the person speaking it is trying to create a god of their own liking. They want a god for their own purposes, in their own image. The “I think God ___” speaking is really coming from their own personal desires and thoughts about how they want God to be. They are creating an imaginary god.  
Do you think God would create humans that could think and act like Him, and have the ability to give others the standards by which we should live? God would not be God if He had done that. God is holy, and sovereign, He is mighty and awesome! Don’t think that we can tell others something about God that is contrary to His Word, and believe we are still following the one True God. We must examine our hearts, sisters, and see if we have built up this imaginary god in our own eyes, and one we share with the world. Don’t share a god. Don’t speak to others about a god that’s been created. You want to share things about the One True God? Open up His Word. We must speak the truth about God and who He is.


Father, You are Sovereign and Holy. Your Word speaks about You, the One True God. Examine my heart, Lord, for any idols of a lesser god I have created and shared with those around me. Forgive me, Father, if I have misrepresented You.

Your Turn:

Sisters, let’s be diligent in speaking truthfully about God, and repent if we have created a god of our own liking.