Any Way the Wind Blows


“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” — 1 John 4:1


I would like to say that living “any way the wind blows” reflected my life only before Christ; unfortunately, I have lived this way as a Christian. I am speaking of the theology of teachers and speakers I have listened to over the years. No matter who was saying it, if it felt good to me, I would listen and believe it. As long as this person was labeled a Christian and was popular amongst the Church, I believed what was said.

We must be aware and mindful of the teaching we are subjecting ourselves to. The Word tells us not to believe every spirit, for we are among false prophets. It’s not as simple as just hearing a word of text from the Scriptures and if that verse is in the Bible, then it’s all good. Many are twisting Scripture to fit their own narrative, and creating a god of their own imagination. The Word is here for us to study so that we can recognize false, diluted, or manipulative teaching.

Sisters, let’s read and gain knowledge of the Scriptures for ourselves. Compare it to other Scripture, look at the context, and understand who wrote it, why they wrote it and who the author’s audience was. Popular speakers or teachers can be examined. What do they believe? Who are they mostly associated with? Is there reverence for Christ? Are they submitted to Christ through the Truth of His Word? Are they crossing lines by going outside of Scripture and passing it along as a Word from the Lord? God reveals Himself through Scripture, alone. His Word is sufficient! Let’s not go “any way the wind blows”, sisters. Let’s be grounded in Truth!


Father, reveal truth to me, and teach me good judgment and knowledge (Psalms 119:66).

Your Turn:

Be grounded in His Word. The Holy Spirit reveals Truth to us, we must only ask.

Kelly Smith

Kelly is passionate in the study of God and His Word. She is an avid encourager to those around her and loves to share the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kelly lives in Alabama with her husband of 13 years, one son, and works full-time as a customer account manager for a local business.