Are We Good Enough?


“as it is written: There is no one righteous, not even one.” Romans 3:10


There are plenty of pastors, conferences, and Bible Studies devoted to telling women that we are good. We are more than good! We are rubies, we are worthy, and we are beautifully and wonderfully made. These teachings pull scripture out of context and twist it to increase our significance in our own eyes. You’ve seen the mugs and tee-shirts. There are whole congregations that are lost because the only teaching that comes from the pulpit is how blessed and worthy we are. Some might wonder why this is a bad thing. Certainly we are worthy in Christ, and blessed to be a child of God, but to really know our worthiness in Christ, we must first know our unworthiness. Outside of Christ, we are not good enough. There is failure to correlate our being worthy to our redemption in Christ through the Cross. If we have never faced our unrighteous, wretched, sinful, deceitful selves, then the gospel that is being taught is not the Gospel. We must repent to be saved, sisters. And we will only repent when the Lord opens our eyes to our depravity. To only hear how good we are, that we can live the best life, that we should be healed and blessed financially, that we are worthy and able to do and have what our hearts desire is ultimately glorifying self! 
The Gospel is about God. It’s about Christ’s redemption on the Cross. The Gospel reveals our true hearts, not the pretty ones painted by false teaching. Outside of Christ we are under the wrath of God, not worthy, not righteous, and not acceptable before a Holy God. The true Gospel brings us front and center to our wicked hearts. For those whose eyes were opened, who have repented and been justified, we are made righteous and worthy through Christ, for Christ and because of Christ! It’s not about us and how worthy WE feel. Glorify Christ, not self. You don’t need the t-shirt, that imprint will be on your heart, sisters.


Father, reveal to me if my motives in reading your Word are to glorify myself, instead of You. Show me that Your Word is about You, and open my heart to receive the true Gospel and redemption found only in your Son, Jesus Christ.

Your Turn:

I encourage you to go through some of the books and Bible studies you may have. Ask the Lord the show you if the teaching you are subjecting yourself to only glorifies self instead of being about the One who should be glorified.