Be Strong in the Battle


“Above all, be strong and very courageous to carefully observe the whole instruction my servant Moses commanded you.” (Joshua 1:7)


Having just acquired command of Israel, Joshua stood on the brink of battle. God told him three times to be “strong and courageous”. There are many reasons Joshua needed strength for what lay ahead, but God highlighted one particular point above all others: “be strong… to carefully observe the whole instruction… commanded to you.”

Joshua would face many challenges, but more challenging than any physical battle was the fight to keep God first. We fight this same battle today. It takes strength to obey God’s commands. It takes courage to combat distraction and apathy. The enemy will do anything to keep us out of God’s Word and off of our knees, and we must be prepared to fight his agenda.  
God assured Joshua that He would be with him in the battle. We have that same assurance today. God is present and powerful in the lives of those who carefully observe everything He has called them to do. 


Lord, give me strength to obey ALL of what you ask of me today. 

Your Turn

Why does it take courage to obey God?

Am I obeying the whole of God’s instruction, or just part of it?