Beautifully Incomplete


Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. — Philippians 1:6


Searching desperately for an other half, a purpose, an occupation, a final piece to tip the balance from lacking to complete; it’s ingrained in us to strive for fullness. Learning, growing, ageing, and experiencing are all translated into steps and moments closer to some epiphany that makes us feel like we won’t want for anything again. But why do we work toward and hope for such a goal? Why do we want to be complete and without need for new experiences and more knowledge before our days on this earth are through?

We may feel times of completeness in heart and spirit when we have many days ahead, but, otherwise, it is a beautiful blessing to be works in progress. We will always have room to grow, room to thrive, and room to be even more of what God wills for us. God began a good work in us from the moment He first thought of us, and He will continue that work as long as we live. In the bleak hours, we have hope that He’s working in us. On the highest peaks, we have joyful reminders that He can take us even further. It’s not sad or disappointing to be incomplete. We aren’t missing something. We are leaving room for God to exist in us. We are giving him space to work and continue to create His masterpiece.

If we reach a point of success and deem ourselves complete and without reproach, we leave no room for God to make us more. We can only grow with an open heart with empty spaces only God can fill.


Lord, thank you for the passion in our hearts and the drive to do well. In our efforts to grow and reach our goals, keep us on Your path and open to Your guidance. Nurture excitement in our hearts with the small changes you create in us each day. Build us up. Make us who You know we can be. Amen.

Your Turn:

Are there goals/projects in your life that you feel you are pushing desperately to reach/complete hoping that the end result will fill a void?

Considering God uses our journey for growth, are there experiences you can recall where the path to your goals was more life changing and fulfilling than reaching the goal itself?