Beauty That Lasts


You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. — Song of Solomon 4:7


What the world touts as beautiful is shallow and superficial; it is never satisfied and glorifies only itself. Those who chase after it, chase after the wind. It cannot be found and yet it allures us through tactics preying upon our insecurities and our ignorance. 
The fall has marred our view of beauty so much so that we look to ourselves for glory and not to the Glorious One. We aren’t even aware of how deeply our misconceptions run. Our carnal selves crave to be lovely, yet the loveliness we are craving isn’t lovely. Instead, it is rooted in pride and it places our devotion upon ourselves. 
We must constantly remember that our worth has absolutely nothing to do with us.  Nothing.  We are flawless in the sight of Christ because He washed us with His blood and gave us His perfection in place of our disgrace. Only because of that, we are genuinely and timelessly beautiful! 
What a relief that we don’t have to live in the vicious cycle of what the world offers as beautiful. We are free to fully embrace the fact that our beauty is defined by Whose we are and not by weight, appearance, education, likability or anything else.


Father, when insecurities creeps in to my heart and mind, please remind me of my worth in Christ. Please give me strength to see what the world calls beautiful for what it is, empty and shallow. Amen.

Your Turn:

How do you measure your worth? Are you looking to yourself to feel beautiful or do you look outside of yourself to the One who makes you beautiful? 
Do you struggle with insecurities and with a low view of beauty?  Give it to Christ and hide yourself in Him, focusing on His idea of what is praiseworthy.

Photo credit: @kassiaphoy and @m.gracecortez