Blessing Our Families

God gives the lonely a home. He leads prisoners out with joy, but those who turn against God will live in a dry land. —Psalm 68:6

Maybe you're a single mom, an older person living with a younger relative, or a foster parent. Perhaps you're married to a disabled spouse. Whatever your situation, God created families to give community, consistency, and care in the midst of an often-hostile world. Though our homes aren't always conflict-free, we can choose to pray for those we reside with and strive to live as examples of godly love.

How could you show patience today? Try praying before you get out of bed, asking the Holy Spirit to remind you to think before you speak. Does your spouse need encouragement? Leave him a loving note on his coffee mug or briefcase. You might include a helpful scripture verse.

Small children can drive even the most selfless mom to frustration. Today, take a moment to cuddle with your baby or toddler just a minute longer than necessary. Breathe in their smell and pray blessings over them.

If you're alone and lonely, pray that God will bring you a family to minister to, whether it be a physical or a spiritual one. God desires for all of us to have connection with others, because those relationships can mirror—and extend—His love and concern for us.

Let's pray: 

Loving Father, I praise You for providing families for those who are lonely. Help me to be a godly example of Your love to those I live with. Amen.