But God



“But God, being rich in His mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ - by grace you have been saved. - Ephesians 2:10.


Part of our sin nature is to be prideful. We like to receive credit when credit is due. We tend to walk around with a little self-glory. We want to be recognized, applauded, noticed, and then boast of our accomplishments. Believe me, sisters, I am being convicted as I write this. I bring the sin of pride before the Lord in repentance and ask Him to change my heart. I want to be humble. I want to point any accomplishments in my life to the One that should be getting the glory. It is God, not ourselves. To God be the glory for any part of us that accomplishes anything good. In our key text, Paul is writing to the church of Ephesus, reminding them of God's accomplishments. We can attempt to take the credit for many things in this life, we might even slide by with those around us appreciating and recognizing accomplishments, but when it comes to our salvation we have no basis for boasting. If you have studied the Word of God, you know our previous spiritual state. God's Word is clear on the depravity of those that were and are lost. We were dead, sisters. We walked in sin and trespasses, following the course of this world. Ephesians 2:1-2. Paul was reminding the church of what they were previously, and what God accomplished in them. He continues telling them that they were saved by grace through faith, it was a gift, not a result of any works they had done so that they could not boast. 

There is no self-glory in our salvation, it was a complete drawing of our hearts to Christ, by the Father. John 6:44. We would have never come to Him willingly with our hardened hearts and minds. We were dead. We were enemies of God. But God, in His great mercy made us alive in Christ. He gets all the glory for this. Our pride can be squashed by those few words...But God! 


Father, I thank you for drawing my heart to Christ. The glory is Yours and Yours alone. Thank You, also, for Your sanctification as You work in me with the sin of pride, help me to know I am what I am because of You. 

Your Turn

Give God the glory for your salvation, sisters. Read Ephesians and meditate on the accomplishments of God!