Cheerful Consolation


When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. — Psalm 94:19 ESV


Have you ever felt so burdened by the events surrounding your own personal world, that you almost seem to be suffocating? 2016 for me personally has been a difficult year, a year of heartbreak, watching those around me suffer, as well as grieving along with our collective nation.   

Suffering is nothing new, and neither is the frustration of watching everything around your own personal reality spiral out of control.  In this Psalm, the Psalmist was having a difficult time, because he was watching his enemies prosper, and the righteous suffer.    

The writer didn't dwell in his question however, because he knew that this thinking was flawed.  Though he was burdened, he chose to put his trust in the Lord, not in his feelings, and to wait on his timing and solution.  God is not a God who turns his back on us and ignores us, our God is sovereign, and his timing and his solutions are much better than we could ever construct on our own accord.

When the cares of your heart are many, when you are burdened with stress, anxiety, sadness, and fear, know, sweet sister that God is in control, spend time in His word, spend time in his presence and let his consolations cheer your soul.  


God I thank you so much that I can trust you even when things don’t seem to make sense.  I thank you that you are a God who can sympathize with us, and love us, even when we feel unlovable. Thank you for choosing me to be your child, Abba, and thank you that I can always rely on you and your consolations.  

Your Turn: 

Are the cares of your heart many? 

How can we pray for those around us who are suffering? 

Have you been trusting your feelings or trusting the God who is bigger than your feelings? 

Spend each morning this week, kneeling in prayer, laying your burdens at the foot of the Cross. Meditate on Psalm 94 daily and let the truth of who God is soak into your heart.  

Image by @dawn.charles