Choosing Wisely


Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity… -Ephesians 5: 15-16 NIV


It is easy to take this scripture to heart as a call to caution and extreme care. At times, we surround ourselves in a bubble wrapping formed from our fears and assumptions for the worst. To live wisely, we accept the least risk. We take the most informed and thoughtful paths in an effort to earn respect for our spot-free and undisturbed life.

But, as we delve deeper into God’s Word, we often find that the path chosen through wisdom is often the scariest. To make the most of every opportunity that God provides, we may be called to take risks that stretch us, that test our faith, and that change our entire perception of who we are and what God has willed us to be. God may take us far away from comfort, but He does so only to show us His strength. In our lives, He may push us to our limits, but we may discover that He has given us more courage than we ever knew. 

Though we may cling to the safety of the known, God often seeks to catalyze growth through the risk of the unknown. If we remain in the warmth of unchanging caution, we miss out on the chance to see God molding us into who we are called to be. 


Lord, please give me the strength and courage to follow Your path for my life instead of my own. Amen

Your Turn

Can you remember a time when you shied away from a risk you felt God was leading you to take?

How have you seen God move and work in your life when you chose to follow God’s guidance down a new path?

Meet Kendra Cagle // Image by @shelleysmucker