Constant In the Midst of Change

In the beginning you made the earth, and your hands made the skies. They will be destroyed, but you will remain. They will all wear out like clothes. And, like clothes, you will change them and throw them away. But you never change, and your life will never end. — Psalm 102:25-27

Change is in the air as the summer sun wanes and the nights grow cooler. Soon all the kids will be back in school. Some moms will breathe a sigh of relief, welcoming the idea that the children will no longer be constantly underfoot. Other moms already miss the little darlings who filled the house with laughter—and most likely a few tears—over the summer.

Whether a woman has children or not, it's likely she remembers having had the anxious-yet-exciting thoughts and feelings so prevalent at the beginning of each new school year: Will she like her new schedule? Will she find the way to her classrooms? Will she get along with her new teachers? Will the classes be easy or hard? Will she make new friends?

Yes, there is no getting past the fact that some anxieties can come with change and that all things must and do change. Well, all things except for one: God. He is the one constant in the life of each and every woman. He is the one person, power, rock, she can count on. In Him, and only Him, she finds the comfort of the unchangeable. 

Let's pray:

Lord, I find peace in the fact that You never change. Knowing You will always be there for me gives me the strength and peace to begin this day with Your joy. Amen.