Dear Church, Stop Watering Down the Gospel



"And you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses..." Colossians 2:13


I see it all around me. Churches playing games on Sunday, singing secular music during worship, and rarely mentioning sin. These tactics are often used to lure the non-Christian in and allow them to actually enjoy the service they have hated for so many years. It has become more about entertainment for self rather than glorifying God. People come and go as they please with no accountability whatsoever and no mention of their need for saving.

Entertainment won't save souls. Movies, decorations, donuts, and surface-y sermons will only leave the sinner believing they are capable of saving themselves from eternal damnation. But in reality, we were dead in our trespasses. Dead. Unable to see God in His utmost glory because we are so fifthly and full of sin. Sin isn't just something we do once in envelopes our every being and is at the center of our very core. And sisters, without the true Gospel, this is our forever condition. This is why churches need to stop watering down sin and the Gospel; we need to know there is nothing in and of ourselves that can make us righteous. We desperately need a Savior.

Thankfully, God bridged the gap by sending His Son to die for us. Do you realize the severity of that? We deserve hell. The wrath of God. Eternal damnation. Yet God, out of His perfect love for His children, became the propitiation for our sins. Now we are set free and forgiven. So churches, stop watering down the Gospel. It is too rich and too sweet to ignore. Start preaching Truth to our sin-filled souls.


Father, I am amazed You saved a sinner like myself. Help me to never forget the depth of my sin and the cost You paid to forgive me. I pray I find a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching church, and I pray for the churches who are watering down Your truth. Help me to glorify you every day of my life. Amen.

Your Turn

Does the church you're attending preach sin and the Gospel?

About the Author

Raegan Thornhill is wife to an amazing man of God and mom to her baby boy, Weston. She is the director, content manager, and writer at Whole Magazine. She believes cheesecake, snow, a cup of hot coffee, and an episode of Breaking Bad can fix any dreadful day. Her mission in life is to show women of all ages how they can be whole again through the Gospel of Christ. She longs for her writings to be a testament of the mercy and grace God has shown her. You can follow more of Raegan on her blog, Delighted In Him.