Doors of Opportunity


“Help me, Lord my God, save me according to Your faithful love, so they may know that this is Your hand and that You, Lord, have done it.” — Psalm 109:26-27


I am so tempted to be defined by achievement. When doors of opportunity open, I thank God for them – then pridefully pat myself on the back for getting myself this far. 

It’s easy to seek God when you’re desperate for a decision. We stand at the crossroads and ask Him to guide our steps. But once we’ve started on the path, we forget the grace that set us on this road. When we depend on our own knowledge, strength, and intellect, the mission of the journey is overshadowed by the pride in our hearts. 

Success is a test. God loves to grant success, but with it comes a responsibility: to remember His faithful love so that our achievements point back to His grace. God lends us His influence in order to point people to Him. God lends us some of His power so everyone may know that our lives are in His hand.  

Our achievements aren’t just about us; they are a witness to the One who equips us for our calling. 


Lord, may everything I do point back to You. 

Your Turn:

How can you use your talents and achievements as a form of evangelism?