Embracing the Fear of Change


“For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.” Malachi 3:6 ESV


I’m moving across the country in three weeks…three weeks. And the extent of my packing thus far is taking décor off the walls. With so much on my plate, I find myself putting any type of change on the back burner, not wanting to deal with it until it can’t be ignored. Adults tend to not like change—we like things to be familiar and predictable, with a schedule for each day, but life is constantly changing.

When changes enter our lives, it’s confusing, overwhelming, and even quite terrifying. For me, I feel as if I’m holding on for dear life, trying to keep any familiarity I have left. We are even tempted to run from change, as though we could ever escape it. In a world with so much uncertainty, where do we find our stability? Like it says in Malachi, our God is never changing, unfailing, and always faithful. In this truth, we find our hope. He is the God who crushed his own Son when Christ became sin at the cross on our behalf.

The unchanging nature of who God is and his unmovable word are where we can place our faith. Our lives will continue to change; some of those things will feel like a small rainstorm, while others will feel like a hurricane. But no matter what changes we face, we can go head first into them knowing our God is never changing and always on our side.


Father, thank You for Your unchanging character and Your unfailing Word. Help me to embrace my fears regarding the change in my life, no matter the outcome, knowing You are always faithful.

Your Turn:

Whatever changes you are going through in life, give them to God. He is our comforter who will never leave us. Pray that God will bring you peace and deliverance.