Failing Through Success


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. — Proverbs 11:2


Failure is a sad word. We fear failure. We don't want to fail at anything. Yet how do we view success? God doesn't measure success by the amount in our bank account, the rung we've reached on the corporate ladder, or even the number of our friends on Facebook. Sometimes it seems that His measures are upside-down to ours. He treasures humility and hates pride.

Why? Because pride is dangerous. Nancy Leigh DeMoss warns, "For most of us, the subtle encroachment of pride is more dangerous, and more likely to render us useless to God and others, than any other kind of failure."

How horrible to have great gifts and to be useless to God because of pride. But it happens slowly, subtly, almost without our noticing. Thinking to highly of ourselves. Forging ahead without God's guidance. Doing good things without the humility of trust in God.

Want to succeed in God's eyes? Want to be useful to Him? Serve with humility and love.


Father, I want to be useful for You. Keep me from the subtle hold of pride.