Fervent Faith


Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11)


Apathy and complacency have proven to be daunting villains in our faith stories. The further we step away from a daily, active relationship with Christ, the more care is lost and sense of acceptance created. We don’t stop going to church, but we are drawn there by routine and obligation instead of the pull of fellowship. We don’t put down our Bibles, but we quote the scriptures on social media with no application to our daily life. The fire is gone. The zeal dimmed to guilt or concern for reputation rather than a drive to serve. The rush of spiritual excitement is a thing of our past.

But the embers still burn. As long as we are open to Christ, even if the passion is gone, the potential for brilliant flame never leaves. Our fire for Christ and His people needs only the kindling of authentic and humble surrender to grow. Realizing we have strayed away from our purpose and remembering why we fell in love with Him, provides a spark. Reaching out to rediscover spiritual zeal is a fan to the flame.

God’s passion never dims. We are always His children, and He is always working in us. When we stop caring or just feel like we are good where we are, we miss out of the renewing power of service, passion, and growth. When our faith no longer excites us, our influence shrinks as we draw into ourselves. For these reasons, we have to fight. We can’t let such a beautiful and impactful part of us fade away. We can’t let our light burn out.


Lord, help us rediscover our passion for You and for service. Show us ways that we can work for Your Kingdom. When we begin to feel apathetic or complacent, show us the great need and purpose we can fill in the body of Christ. Amen.

Your Turn:

Why did you come to know Christ? What was the initial passion and drive in your faith? 

Are there opportunities to get involved in your church and/or local ministries that could help you feel more connected to Christ and renew your zeal for service?