For Such A Time As This


"And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" — Esther 4:14


Women often find themselves in positions they wish they could change. A young Jewish woman named Esther was taken along with several other women to be a part of King Xerses' harem. She had no choice in the matter. Whatever her plans had been for the future, they were now lost to her. But instead of grumbling and complaining, she acted in such a way she won the favor of those over her. Eventually, she was brought before the king and pleased him so much he made her queen.

There came a day when all Jews in the region were in danger for their lives. Esther never revealed her nationality. Now she stood to lose all  because of it. She could have taken a chance, hoping no one would find out she was a Jew, but her uncle Mordecai said maybe this was the reason she was in her position as queen—to save her people from death. Esther went before the king, asking for the safety of the Jews. The king granted her request and an entire nation was saved.

We may not always know why we're in a certain place or position, but God knows. It may involve being a virtuous wife, mother, or employee, but it could also involve interceding for a lost soul or encouraging someone who has lost all hope and given up on life.


Lord, help me to see beyond my own needs and discover Your bigger plan for my life.