Friends in Wisdom


Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. —Proverbs 13:20 


The joy and risk of opening our hearts to friendship is the effect others have on our lives. Their actions reflect on us, and our interactions can edify or destroy. As we get older, a lot of time is spent trying to create a squad or even a single friendship that matches our faith and goals. But it is also our duty to be, or at least aspire and work to be, a wise friend.

Friendship isn’t easy. Letting an individual into our lives can be a stressful event, and a true bond can take months or years to form. For this reason, we often cling to old relationships. These relationships may grow over time in faith and connection, but others may hold tight only because of comfort. When a longstanding friendship begins to chip away at our wisdom through negative interaction, it makes it difficult for God to bring wise friends into our lives. When we hold on to unhealthy familiarity, we miss out on new, but extremely worthy, friendships. When we don’t let go of the weight of destructive interaction, we cease to rise into a place of wisdom and growth.

Though lost relationships can hurt, we need to cling to and seek wise individuals who build us up and inspire us. The comfort of old relationships or a shared past is no substitute for the reward of fellowship with those who push us further into God’s will.  


Lord, help us seek Your wisdom each day and become wise confidants in our friendships. Surround us with friends who seek Your will for our lives. Give us the strength to step away from relationships that bring us down and pull us away from You. Let us be wise friends who encourage those around us. Amen 

Your Turn:

Are there friendships that you hold onto even though the individual doesn’t seek or desire God’s will? Are you able to able to serve as an example without being brought down by their beliefs/behaviors?

Are you the kind of wise friend that you seek? Are there areas that need growth before you can be the kind of friend you want to be?