From Strength to Strength

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. . . .They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion. — Psalm 84:5, 7

An old hymn says, "This world is not my home, I'm a-passin' through." For the woman who trusts Jesus, her forever home is in heaven with Him. For now, she remains earth-bound, laboring in the work He has given her.

For Christians, their stay on Earth is a pilgrimage—a lifetime's travel toward a sacred destination. The strain of Earth can be too much—sickness, aging, trials wracking the body and sapping the soul. Believers cry out with creation for the Savior to come renew them completely (Romans 8:22-25). He will, but not yet. For now, they walk on in faith, displaying their love for Christ in word and deed (Philippians 2:12).

There will be many days where the Christian woman's heart will falter, but thankfully she doesn't journey alone. When she stumbles, her Deliverer will lift her up; He will help her rest through His Word and prayer. She might feel that she is only plodding along on aching feet, progressing in fits and starts. But this is the pilgrim's life—persevering, going from "strength to strength," the strength that God provides for that particular time. She may not feel strong enough to finish the journey well, but she should not fear. Her God promises to bring His children home one step at a time.

Let's pray:

Father God, teach me to abide in Your strength daily, trusting that You will provide all I need to walk faithfully with You. Amen.