God Calls Us to Be Faithful, Not Successful



"Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10


I crave success. In high school, I started off wanting it all—the big-time dietitian job, running my own business and being my own "boss babe", all while encompassing the attributes of a Proverbs 31 woman and raising my own family. But here I am, six years later—a mom to a one-year-old boy with absolutely no degree, living in a world that praises success in careers. What does this mean for me now?

I had this internal battle for a while: I know I'm called to be a mom, but what about my dreams and career goals? Because of the pressures from society and the craving I had for educational success, I felt like an absolute failure. Not only could I not meet all my goals...I couldn’t meet any of them. My husband and I were caught in an impossible financial situation, and I couldn't help but think, "What if I had chosen success in my career? Maybe we wouldn't be in this situation."

Terrible thinking, right? But many of you might be in a similar situation as I was, craving something more for yourself than what has been given to you. But here's the thing—God doesn't want our success...He wants our faithfulness. He's after our hearts and our willingness to be used by Him to further His kingdom, not how far we climb up the corporate ladder.

When we remember God calls us to be faithful not successful, we realize how misplaced our desires can be. Dear sisters, don't compare yourself to others; focus on being faithful in what God has called you to do. Like John in Matthew 6:10, we must proclaim, "Your will be done." Like John, when we don't see the fulfillment of our success in life, we must simply trust that God is using our lives' work for His glory and fame.

Do we truly find our worth in Christ alone? Is our goal on Earth to proclaim God’s name and His greatness and not our own? Because the truth is, it's not about us. It has always been about Him.


Father, forgive me for craving worldly success rather than my faithfulness to You. Change my desires and help me to see my ultimate goal in life is to glorify Your name. Thank You for always being faithful to Your children, even when we aren't always faithful to You. Amen.

Your Turn

I struggle with viewing success as a standard rather than a blessing. Do you wish you had accomplished more? Read the story of John the Baptist. How can you be faithful in what God has already provided to you?

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Raegan Thornhill is wife to an amazing man of God and mom to her baby boy, Weston. She is the director, content manager, and writer at Whole Magazine. She believes cheesecake, snow, a cup of hot coffee, and an episode of Breaking Bad can fix any dreadful day. Her mission in life is to show women of all ages how they can be whole again through the Gospel of Christ. She longs for her writings to be a testament of the mercy and grace God has shown her. You can follow more of Raegan on her blog, Delighted In Him.