God Does the Building


Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. — Psalm 127:1


Have you ever stopped and thought about how many voices there are calling from every imaginable direction? From social media to every aspect of culture, we are given the message to be better, to do more, and to get happy; after all, everyone else is. As a result, we are a generation that is more unhappy and experiencing more mental illness than those before us and it’s no wonder.  
This verse is a beautiful reminder that unless God is guiding and directing us, then it’s all in vain. We can run in every direction the wind blows, but unless God is leading, we’ll end up lost, discouraged, and exhausted. 
Seeking God and His will for our activities and pursuits takes time and practice. Beginning each day and each season of life focused on His truth helps to illuminate what the order for our lives should look like. It brings calm and clarity to an otherwise crazy and harried routine.

If you find yourself burned out and depressed, it’s because you have assumed the position of Builder. Renewal comes when we are intentional about seeking God’s design and pace for our lives.


Gracious Father, forgive me when, at times, I allow the culture and pace of this world to dictate my life and my pursuits. Lead me according to the calling You have on my life. Amen.

Your Turn:

Do you struggle with feeling inadequate and unable to “keep up” with the pace of those around you?

Are you taking time to pause, pray, take time off from social media, etc. to seek God’s will for your days? 

Tiffany Gaines

Tiffany is a child of God, saved by mercy and grace. She is married to an amazing man and they have and homeschool three children. She is blessed with the privilege of being a stay-at-home-mama who has learned how important it is to laugh and that joy is a choice. Life has had no shortage of highs and lows but through it all, God has been faithful! The continual cry of her heart is to have less of herself and more of her Savior.