God Has You, No Matter What


The fool says in his heart there is no God.  –Psalm 14:1


As the pace of my footsteps quickened, so did my desperation. I needed God to meet me. I needed Him to fix the situation that had allowed pain, frustration and anger to commandeer my heart. Upon calling out to Him, this verse repeatedly came to my mind and after several minutes of frustration and confusion, it hit me. I was the fool.   
This is not only a verse for unbelievers, this is a verse for any of us any time our thoughts, emotions and actions show that we don’t believe God is God. 
Anytime we come to God demanding actions and answers and base our peace upon receiving them or place the condition of our hearts on the outcome of a given situation, we are being foolish. These behaviors create a perfect storm for anxiety to blaze.   
Upon seeing our actions for what they are (unbelief and foolishness) peace almost instantly reigns because no matter what, God has it. No matter what, He is enough and no matter what, He is far more able to handle the details of our lives than we are.  
As daughters of the Most High, we can rest knowing what amazingly capable Hands we are in. 


God, forgive me when my heart deceives me into unbelief, doubt and fear. Gently remind me that You are the source of my peace, joy and strength. No matter what. 

Your Turn

Do your thoughts, emotions and/or actions show unbelief? 
Do you notice that fear, stress and anxiety stem from a lack of trust in God’s ability, goodness and timing? 

Meet Tiffany Gaines // Image by @kellykee