Going Lower


He must increase, but I must decrease. — John 3:30


Humility doesn't come naturally. We want people to notice us, admire and respect us, and to not take advantage of us. We want to be treated fairly and shown consideration. After all we do, how kind we are, how generous—it's only fair, right?

Beloved, we're called to something greater. We're called to love those around us and to find our worth not in ourselves but in Jesus. The more we strive for others' approval, the more frustrated we become. Hannah Hurnard said, "The first characteristic of true love is humility: the pouring of oneself down lower and lower in self-effacement and self-denial. The message of running water always is, "Go lower. Find the lowest place. That is the only way to true fulfillment."

What does that mean for us? It means self-denial. It means putting the interests of others before our own. It means exalting Jesus because of our love for Him, and always  seeking to put him first.


Thank You that Your love never fails. Help me to love others in humility.