He Calls us Righteous


“….even God who gives life to the dead, and calls things that are not as though they were.” Romans 4:17b


Only God can give life to the dead. In this key verse, it’s not talking of the physical dead, but the spiritual dead.  We were dead in our transgressions. Ephesians 2:1. The spiritual dead are those who have not been saved and justified. God has not yet called them as though they were - which is righteous. There is nothing we can do to be righteous in the eyes of God, He credits it to us when He calls us from sin and brings life to our dead spiritual bodies. We only have to believe. Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. Romans 4:3. Believing is not just a mere acknowledgement, it’s having faith in Christ and knowing that He died for our sins, and was raised for our justification. Romans 4:25

Abraham believed God and was persuaded that He had the power to fulfill all He had promised! Do we have belief like that? If so, then we are called righteous in the sight of God! He’s called us, saved us, given us life and credited righteousness to us! There’s no pressure to perform in order for this to take place. Abraham believed and was counted righteous before his works, so we are righteous in God’s sight by our belief in Jesus Christ, alone.

Sisters, this should bring us joy and humbleness. How thankful we should be for God calling us as though we were! There is freedom in completely understanding this. God has raised us from spiritual death and called us righteous!


Father God, we thank You for sending Your Son as the only way we could be called righteous in Your sight. We were dead, but now we live! We humbly come before You with a heart of thankfulness.

Your Turn:

Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you truly placed your trust in the only One that can justify you and declare you righteous in the Father’s sight? Call on the Lord, believe in the Lord and confess your lack of belief. God will answer!