His Atoning Grace


“Yet He was compassionate; He atoned for their guilt, and did not destroy…” - Psalm 78:38


Sin separates. It drives a wedge between our imperfect selves and our perfect God. It was this shame that Adam and Eve felt in the Garden when God came to find them – the shame of separation. They knew what they had done was wrong.

When we sin, our impulse is to hide – covering ourselves with the ‘fig leaves’ of busyness, isolation, or material things. We feel too ashamed to come to God; too scared to bring our sin into His blinding light. We hear Him calling but we do not come, even though He is the only solution to our shame.

Satan wants us to remain in hiding. He wants to prolong our separation from God, from earth to eternity. But we have this hope: our God is a compassionate and an atoning God. The first thing we should do when we sin is run to the throne of grace. Hiding in our sin only prolongs the problem. God’s heart is to renew and restore, if we only repent and run to Him.


Lord, thank you that you take me back even when I fail. You are a gracious God!


Is there anything separating you from God?