His Likeness

As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness. — Psalm 17:15

Throughout the ages women were given an ideal image of womanhood, which society encouraged them to emulate. The ideal woman constantly changed, as is seen through the history of fashion, women's rights, and changing social and cultural traditions. One of the wonderful things about God is that He never changes; neither does Christ as the only example of what it means to be the perfect human. Society today, both Eastern and Western, places much of a woman's value in her appearance: clothes, makeup, and body type. It is easy for a woman to make idols of these things. However, a Christian woman should bear the image of Jesus. If she loves Jesus with her whole heart she will seek to please Him; He is the only person who has already poured out more love on her than any earthly man ever will or can give her.

The holy and pure characteristics of Jesus are the only things that produce satisfaction: His joy, peace, patience, goodness, love, faithfulness, etc. So, when women allow the Holy Spirit to work in them these characteristics, they will have true beauty, not the fleeting beauty and popularity of the world.

Let's pray:

Father, protect Your children from looking to the world for affirmation or from seeking the false beauty of this world. Help Your daughters to wake up each morning being more and more like Jesus. Amen.