His Love Never Fails

As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands. —Psalm 119:143

Back-to-school stress is real. It's easy to fall prey to impatience, frustration, and anger in the midst of school supply shopping, teacher meetings, and activity sign-ups. Just think about 1 Corinthians 13 and apply it to this time of year:

Love is not proud—except when I gloat about my child's placement in a gifted class on Facebook.

It is not rude—except to the person at the mall, who is maddeningly slow.

Love is not self-seeking—but how many things do our kids want to sign up for, and how many do we want them to participate in?

It always trusts, always perseveres—but I doubt my kids' school and teachers will live up to my expectations.

Love never fails. Sigh. but we sure do. Perhaps, you really, truly want a different kind of school year this year. Maybe you long to be a conduit of grace  to your kids' teachers and administrators. How do we get there?

Let's pray for deep faith, born of our miraculous God, to settle our fears. His peace can calm our harried hearts and flood  our anxious souls. Each day, let's spend a few minutes seeking  His face in prayer and quieting our minds. His love, after all, never, ever fails.

Let's pray:

Gracious God, give me the desire to spend time with You, especially when I think I'm too busy. May I be a worthy representative of You each day. Amen.