Hope for the Wounded



“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3


If I could write an autobiography of the things I have been through in my life that I can clearly recall, you wouldn’t call it terribly chaotic. However, in the light of some instances which have occurred, you could certainly say I fall into the category of a “wounded person”. Like many of us in this world and in the hearts of men, sin has caused us to be abused, rejected, torn down, and tossed aside. When we come to the cross of Calvary and find the Savior there, we find the true God willing to exchange our poorness and brokenness for His righteousness (Isaiah 61:1).
Coming to the Cross does not always immediately address every deep-rooted wound that we may be carrying, does it? In time it can, and it does not mean God lacks the power to do so...but some of us hold onto our wounds and baggage as if they are precious cargo. In addition to picking up our cross and carrying it (Luke 9:23), we tack on loads of pain and misery from our past. To make matters worse, when lovingly confronted by our excess baggage, we can at times respond in a justified retort that gives us every reason to remain bitter, to remain unforgiving, and to remain self-absorbed.

Sisters, Jesus calls us to bring all our burdens to Him and to take on His, which is so much easier and lighter than ours (Matthew 11:29). Our deep wounds, hurts, pains–we are called to let the Spirit do His work in us to calm and comfort our suffering hearts and minds. We are no longer bound by our pasts because those who are born again are indeed free (John 8:36). So, we are justified and made whole before God. And since we are now justified to be His children, we are no longer justified to hold onto our pain. It will weigh us and bring us down–don’t take this as a heartless message to simply “get over it”. Take this as an exhortation to “give it up”. Your healing may take longer than others, but your wholeness in Christ has already been declared. Don’t use your wounds to justify holding onto baggage. Walk in the newness of life today–the life that only He can give (John 10:10).


God, thank You for exchanging our brokenness, sin, and hurts for Your righteousness, glory, and freedom. Help us to walk in the newness of our calling, and lay all our burdens at Your feet, no matter how many times we must do so. In Christ’s name and for His sake we pray, Amen!

Your Turn

Who the Son sets free is free indeed! Talk about your pains of the past with trusted leadership in your church, women, and family. Don’t let it rule and dominate you any longer, no matter how long it takes.