How Abortion Lies


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Matthew 5:6 ESV 


My dear sister, I know it’s tempting. This is just another inconvenience in your life, and the thought of you having to tell the world of your unexpected pregnancy is daunting. How will you afford it? What will people think? And how in the world are you supposed to go through it all alone? I know how it feels to be caught off guard and want your will instead of God’s. Yet this is a choice that has to be made—a choice that will ultimately effect the rest of your life. You can either let your actions be governed by momentary lies or believe the only thing that will set you free: Truth.  

Abortion lies time after time. It promises happiness and satisfaction, but the truth is, murder will not make you happy. Our hearts are inclined to choose everything other than Christ for satisfaction, and this deception has lead our society to the point of murdering our own children daily. Somehow we have come to the conclusion this is the only way to preserve our joy. But, sisters, this lie is simply not the case. The one true joy available to us can only be found in Christ…to know Him is to know authentic, everlasting happiness. It is here we will find satisfaction in God and be striving for righteousness like in Matthew 5:6. 

If you’ve had an abortion, know there is always hope and forgiveness in Christ. In His arms rests forgiveness and outstanding comfort. Children are a joy and a blessing. Living a life revolved around ourselves is not a life to live at all. Jesus gave up his life so we may have everlasting life, and in parenthood, we must do the same. What may seem daunting and horrifying now, God always has a bigger plan. My dear sister, choose life over death, motherhood over murder, righteousness over selfishness, and a joy that can only be found in Him. 


 Father, thank You for the gift of life and motherhood. Help me to value children’s lives as much as I value my own. I pray those who do not know You and are considering an abortion repent and find fullness in Your promises. Amen. 

Your Turn: 

Are you contemplating abortion? Remember God has you here for a reason and your child as well. Reflect on Ephesians 5:11.