I Found Treasure!


“…for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. — Matthew 6:21


A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the “X” on a pirates map, the old ship at the bottom of the ocean carrying a king’s fortune; they are all wonderful treasures! How exciting and life changing to find any of this! But what if I told you there is treasure worth more than any and all of this together? A treasure that all the treasures of the world could not compare! God’s Word is that treasure, and it is right in front of us! We have access to the Living Word that brings salvation and eternal life! We have available the treasures in His Word that can be the joy and delight of our hearts! Jeremiah 15:16. Do we seek that treasure? Have we treasured God’s Word in our hearts? Psalm 119:11.

Oh dear sisters in Christ, we have something that is like no other. I sometimes pick up my Bible and hold it close to my heart. I squeeze tight and close my eyes and relish in the delight of what I hold in my hands! I treasure His Word! I adore the words from Genesis to Revelation. The words are sweet to the taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth. Psalm 119:103.

Every written word should fulfill every treasure we seek. God’s Word has value that will sustain and carry us into Everlasting and into the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Treasure it, sisters!


Father, you have gifted us the most valuable treasure, Your words! Let them be the joy and delight of our hearts, that we will continually seek You in them and understand the eternal value they bring!

Your Turn:

Is God’s Word the treasure you seek? Or are you searching for earthly treasures? 

How would your perception and appreciation of God’s Word change if you were purposeful in treating it as the most valuable treasure you could ever find?