It's All Him

"For in him we live and move and have our being." — Acts 17:28

It's our human nature to want to be self-reliant. After all, even as toddlers we're praised as being a "big girl" for feeding ourselves, picking up toys, and selecting our own outfits.

Just like so many other things in God's kingdom, His view of self-sufficiency is the exact opposite of the world's take on it. "Rely on Me," He tells us. "You can't make it through this life alone, and I don't want you to do it on your own. Let Me take care of you."

The Bible tells us that when we become a part of God's family, our lives are no longer our own—we are bought with the blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:20). Our independent nature may resist this notion, but in reality, letting God take control gives us the freedom we're looking for that we don't get when we try to rely on ourselves.

Problems? Give them to the One who bought you. Persecuted? Let Him deal with it. Lonely? Run to Him for the comfort you need. Living life inside the Love of God has amazing benefits! Give up your need for independence and control and let Him do great things in the life you share with Him.

Let's pray:

Father, teach me new ways to depend on You. My heart knows that You are waiting to bless me in immeasurable ways if only I trust in You. Take my life—all of it—and use it for Your great and perfect plan. Amen.