John 17: He Prayed for His Own


Father, I desire those You have given Me to be with Me where I am. Then they will see My glory, which You have given Me because You loved Me before the world’s foundation. John 17:24 HCSB


Passion week is a beautiful week. We kicked off yesterday with Palm Sunday, as we remembered Jesus riding into Jerusalem being celebrated with the masses shouting “Hosanna”, full of praise and adoration for the very Man that they would only days later turn against. I can’t imagine, what Jesus, in His humanity, felt as he rode past the crowds, hearing their shouts, their praises, and their hollow adoration, only to know the events that were to follow. He knew they would betray him, he knew they would murder Him, and yell “crucify him” days later. Jesus loved them, He loves us, all the way to the cross. Jesus was obedient through the pain, to fulfill the promise, and to bring glory to God and because of that, we reap the benefits of eternal life.  

John 17 brings us in to a very special part of the Easter story. One that is often overlooked, Jesus is in the garden, knowing He is about to be arrested, and he is in deep distress, and in deep prayer. What I love about this chapter, is in that garden, 2000 years ago, Jesus prayed for you and me. Luke 22:44 says that Jesus was in such agony, that when he prayed his sweat became like drops of blood. As Jesus was agonizing, and praying, He had you and I in mind. Jesus loves us so much that He pleaded in that garden that we would be with Him in eternity someday.   

What an amazing thought that Jesus loves us so much, regardless of our past or future mistakes, that we are chosen to spend eternity with Him. If you are feeling unworthy, remember His prayer in John 17, and meditate on the events of the Passion Week. We aren’t worthy, but Jesus is. And because of that, we can have a blessed assurance that the best is yet to come. Hosanna in the highest.   


God, I thank you that you love me so much that you gave your one and only Son to live a life of perfection and obedience, even to the point of death, so that I may spend eternity in Your glory.  Jesus, I thank you that though I am a sinner, you love me enough to die for me.  I will be forever humbled and forever grateful.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.  

Your Turn: 

Spend today reading John 17. 

Spend time in prayer, simply thanking Jesus for his sacrifice.