Keeping Eternity in Sight



"Because Demas has deserted me, since he loved this present world, and has gone to Thessalonica." 2 Timothy 4:10


Demas is someone that you may or may not be familiar with, but I think many of us can relate to him. On fire for the Gospel, intense, enthusiastic, yet suddenly, he seems to find the appeal of the world more appealing than a life of following of Christ. The thing about Demas, or even backsliding, is that it doesn’t happen instantly but gradually. This is what happened with Demas, and if we aren’t careful, it can happen to us as well.

The allure of the world is a sneaky one, and in spiritual battle we have to stay on our game. We have to spend time in prayer and in the Word. The more we put those things off, the more we begin to idolize other things. Are we spending more time on social media than we are with God? What about our thoughts? Is our obsession with the Fifty Shades movie that came out or with the cross? What about our materiel goods, like our music? What occupies our minds?

We must keep these things in check daily, sisters. I’m not speaking of a legalistic lifestyle, but what I’m speaking of is letting idolatry overtake our thoughts, our desires, and our actions. When those things happen, God gets put on the back-burner, and we begin to drift. Let's keep eternity in our sights in our walk, and lets pray Psalm 19 that our words and meditations would be desirable to our Creator. Keep eternity in mind, and the world will fall behind.


Father, I thank You for everything You do and have done for me. May my heart never wonder, and may my words and meditations, desires, and actions always honor You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Your Turn

Do you find yourself drifting? Do a heart check: what are you thinking about? What are your desires? Do they involve God or things of this world?