Let Me Overthink About It


The day is Yours, also the night; You established the moon and the sun. - Psalm 74:16


I don’t know about you, but I tend to be an over thinker. I analyze things way too much for my own good. The reason we tend to overthink things, is because we want to control them. The realization that we don’t have control over everything is a scary truth. You can’t control other people, and you can’t control outcomes of certain situations. The only thing you can do is release that control and put your faith in the one who knows all, sees all, and is in control of all.

What do we do when we feel the need to control? We stop, we take a deep breath, and we pray the simple prayer that Psalm 74 gives us; “Jesus the day is yours. “ By doing this we are reminded that our Prince of Peace is faithful to give us the peace that passes all understanding. You can even go as far as replacing the word “day “with “situation”, or “my child”, whatever you are dealing with in the moment. When Jesus is the center of our thoughts, we don’t have to overthink anything else. Sit back, take a breath, and remember, it’s in God’s hands. He’s got this.


Lord, when I begin my day, it is yours. Help my thoughts to be focused towards You, Your Word and Your Truths. Whenever I start to overthink things, gently nudge my thoughts towards you, for in you and through you alone there is peace.

Your Turn

Are you an over thinker?

Take some time to start your day with a quick prayer: “Lord, today is yours”.