Let Us Boast in Him Alone



“Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness” Psalm 115:1


Admitting weakness is so counter-cultural. Women in our society are taught that strength is everything and that they are strong, resilient, and they can do anything. No doubt that we as women are indeed molded to carry heavy loads, but there’s something dangerous by boasting in our own strength. To speak with excessive pride and self-satisfaction can puff one up, so much to the point where they are their greatest downfall. An elevated view of self leads to a low view of God and others.  

Sisters, why don’t we take that boasting in ourselves and redirect it to boast in the One Who is far greater than we? Why not take the praise the world says we should give ourselves continually and give it to the One Who actually deserves it? Praise and worship ultimately belong to God and God alone (Psalm 115:1). This is not to say we don’t delight in things we have done. We should be excited when we accomplish great things and hold those things with regard, but really, who are we giving honor to? Ourselves? Or the Lord?  

We must be careful to give praise to Whom praise is due, and not boast in anything but Christ, Who is the One who gives us the ability to do great deeds. This is what the Lord delights in (Jeremiah 9:23-24). A heart for God is careful to lift their hands in acknowledgment to where their help comes from, rather than pat themselves on the back with pride (Psalm 121). While the world boasts in what they have done, let us speak of the great things our God has done through our Savior Jesus Christ (Psalm 20:7). The Creator of the heavens and earth deserves far more glory and praise than you or I. Why? Because He is worthy.  


In all things, Lord, You deserve the honor, glory, and praise. You are worthy and we are not. All that we are is in You, and everything we do that merits adoration, help us to be careful to lift up Your name in it. Blessed be Your name now and forever. Amen. 

Your turn

Practice humility by meditating on God’s faithfulness, kindness, and goodness He has shown you through His Word, and your life.  

About the Author


Born and raised in Texas, Emerald Griffin enjoys coffee, books, and spending time with loved ones. Her favorite breed of dog is a Corgi, and she loves listening to smooth jazz while learning a new word a day from the dictionary. Her heroes in the faith are Elisabeth Elliot, R.C. Sproul Sr., and John MacArthur.