Mercy By Whale


And the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land. Jonah 2:10 ESV


As this is written, the muscles in my fingers ache. Everything aches. For the past three days Baton Rouge and the surrounding area has yet again been devastated. This time, the pain was not caused by bullets, but rising rivers and flash floods. People are not even calling it a 100 year flood, but a 1000 year flood. Ten thousand plus are in shelters. It is so strange for life-giving water to decimate everything around us.  
Water on my mind, I find myself in Jonah. God commands, Jonah passes, a storm, a fish, a prayer, Jonah’s redemption, God’s compassion. The part where Jonah is swallowed up struck me. God’s mercy is granted to Jonah a few times here. He’s thrown overboard and must expect to drown, yet a fish swallows him. By his prayer, he expects to die in a belly, yet he is vomited up. All of these events are terrifying, yet in them His mercy shines brilliantly. The more alarming the situation, the more evident His mercy. Heartache can be used to bring us back to Him. When He allows us to be swallowed by difficulty, His tender mercy is fast approaching. So hold on, help is coming!


Father, Thank You for reaching for me in gentle mercy when I am undone. Amen.

Your turn:

What mercy has He shown you in the midst of being swallowed up?

How can you show His mercy to others as they find themselves in difficult circumstances?

Alli Miller

Alli is a native Texan but calls Louisiana home. During the week she teaches English and video chats with her nephew. On the weekends you'll find her lacing up her tennis shoes for a run, her nose in a book learning more about her Redeemer and Friend, and writing Sunday lessons for the younger hearts at Living Hope Fellowship. Her heart is for encouraging others to taste and see that God is breathtakingly good to and through them.