Navigating the Rugged Places


“I will lead the blind by a way they do not know, in paths they do not know I will guide them. I will make darkness into light before them and rugged places into plains. These are the things I will do, And I will not leave them undone.” (Isaiah 42:16)


Why do we refuse when we get out of bed in the middle of the night to turn on the light? There is nothing worse than stumbling sleepy eyed towards the fridge or the bathroom and stepping barefoot on a Lego.  Let’s not even talk about the battle scars our shins bear.

Walking through this world without walking with Jesus is like navigating the darkness when we have a simple resource on hand.  On the surface, many times we can deny that we never let go of God’s hand, but in reality, we tend to try to make it through the darkness without tapping in to the great wellsprings God has given us.

Rambling through life blindly will only lead to despair. Sometimes we succumb to the darkness of depression, discouragement, worry or control. God promises that not only will he lead us in ways we do not know, he will guide us, and he will turn our rugged paths into plains.  In life, our paths will never be smooth, but the journey is worth the destination.

The jagged paths that we may be journeying through will always lead to the grasslands of growth. Hold tight to God sisters, he will never leave us undone. There is purpose in everything under the Son.


God I thank you that I never have to navigate this rugged journey of life alone.  Thank you that you will never leave me undone, and for your purposes in every instance of my life.  I thank you that I can always trust you and you will always shine a light into my darkness.  Thank you Jesus. Amen

Your Turn:

What areas of life are you trying to navigate blindly?

Cast your cares on the Lord this week.  Grab his hand and allow Him to lead you through.  

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Chelsi Woods

Chelsi Woods is a Jesus loving, tattooed soccer mom, who’s passionate pursuit is making sure people know their worth in Christ alone. Effected by loss through suicide at a young age, through music, public speaking and writing, Chelsi hopes to bring people closer to Christ and offer the message of a supernatural peace and hope in Christ and Christ alone. Her hobbies are Pinterest fails, dad jokes, and embarrassing her 10-year-old daughter with her solid dance moves.