Not Like Shifting Shadows


He does not change like the shifting shadows.  James 1:17b  NIV


Change.  It can be exhilarating and it can be devastating but one thing is for sure, it’s always right around the corner. What is it about change that is so unsettling?   
Perhaps being unsettled is one of the purposes for the phenomena of change; the Almighty knows that our spiritual survival depends upon our receiving assurance from Him alone.  
Rest assured, God knows our weakness and Jesus fully relates as One who walked the corridors of change during His earthly ministry. Through times of transition and fickle emotions, He is at work and is shaping our hearts for eternity. 
This verse is like balm to our fragile souls. May the knowledge of the unchanging nature of God give us a peace that is unshakable. God ordains the unknown as an act of love and in moments of chaotic uncertainty, He quietly places our security in the only place it can belong. In Him.    
As the winds of change blow, may we rejoice that He never, ever does!


Sovereign Father, thank you for never changing when all else does.  Kindly keep our eyes upon You alone as the Author of our security and not on our circumstances.

Your Turn

Who/what makes you feel safe and secure? 
What is it about change that can cause such a loss of bearings? 
Do you know that change is a way for God to lovingly sculpting your faith and trust?