Nothing Is Impossible

"For nothing will be impossible with God." — Luke 1:37

A virgin birth. Wow. Mary may have been young and innocent, but she wasn't stupid. She'd been well-brought-up in the ways of, well, men and women. She knew her place. She'd been prepared since birth, practically, for the role of wife and mother. And she knew how babies were made.

So when the angel told her she, a virgin, would carry God's Son, of course she questioned. Of course she was skeptical. Intelligent questions don't show lack of faith. Rather, they demonstrate a longing to understand.

But God's ways aren't always our ways. Sometimes we must accept things on blind faith, simply because we know God is God and we'll never fully understand. That's when we rely on the great things God has already done, and we trust Him.

In response to Mary's question, the angel told her that her cousin Elizabeth—a woman far beyond child-bearing years—was also with child. "For nothing is impossible with God."

Sometimes, our circumstances seem impossible, and we question God. Life doesn't make sense, just as being pregnant didn't make sense to Mary. Our questions are okay, as long as we're willing to accept God's answers. His response to us won't always make sense in the moment, but we can trust Him. We can trust His love for us, and His great plan. We can place our hope in the knowledge that miracles are commonplace to Him, and He may just be including us in a miracle.

Let's pray:

Dear Father, help me to trust You. I know nothing is impossible with You. Amen.