Only Me


“No other gods, only Me.” Exodus 20:3 MSG


No one’s seen Moses in weeks. The Israelite request of “Make us gods!” results in a golden animal gleaming in the sunlight. A cry of joy rises up; dancing ensues with Aaron’s encouragement. At the Lord’s instruction, Moses and Joshua descend Mount Sinai to encounter a people who have given up on the One True God.

Exodus recalls The Ten Commandments. A handwritten covenant between God and man so they could be in relationship with Him. The first commandment is simply put yet I find to be the most difficult. It’s easy to not murder, but my heart runs after other gods easier than I like to admit. Loving friends and family honors God, until I love them more than Him. Working hard at my job glorifies Him, until I make it a greater priority than He is. The commandments speak to His deep desire to be in a relationship with us. His pursuit of our hearts is eternal even when our desire for Him wanes. He never forces His love yet always offers His heart, enabling us to embrace Him. Isn’t that someone we can joyfully respond to by giving all of our heart, soul, and mind?

Let’s always choose our One True God!


Father, thank You for Your eternal love and faithfulness to me. Please give me an opportunity today to reflect that love back to You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Your Turn:

How does your heart respond to knowing that the Creator of the Universe desires a relationship with you?

Who can you tell in your life today about how much God desires to be with them?