Our Daily Dependence on God



"In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity, consider: God has made the one as well as the other, so that no one can discover anything that will come after him." Ecclesiastes 7:14


We all have good days, and we all have days that aren’t so good. Sometimes we look around us and it seems that everyone is prospering, and we can’t catch a break. It is something that humanity has wrestled with for thousands of years. Why do good things happen to bad people? Why do bad things happen to good people? It is all a matter of perspective.

This may be hard to swallow for some, but it is biblical truth. In our good days, we are to worship God, and in our bad days, we are to trust in Him. The truth is, none of us are good. We are all depraved sinners, deserving of God’s wrath; however, because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we get to spend eternity with Him. We are made righteous through the blood of Jesus. This earth is temporal, but each day does not happen without even the most minute detail being subject to God’s sovereignty.

When things are difficult, we can rest on this truth and trust in the goodness of God, still able to worship because of Jesus’ accomplished works on the cross. The verse continues to say that God ordains these things so that we may not discover anything that will come after. What this means is God ordains things and He doesn’t want us to try to amend them. Remember this life is about His purposes and His glory, not our own personal comfort. It is as Matthew Henry says that we “but may live in a dependence upon Providence and be ready for whatever happens.” We can trust in God, in the good days and in the bad. Be encouraged in that truth, sisters.


God, I thank You for your love. I thank You that though there is nothing good in me, You loved me enough to send your Son to die for me. I praise You for the good days, and I trust in You and worship You even in the bad. I know You hold each day in Your hand, and for that I am grateful. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Your Turn

How do you handle the good days and the bad days? Take time each morning to praise God for the day He has ordained.

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Chelsi Woods is the coffee-loving Content Manager for Whole Magazine and a writer for the Reformed Outlook. She is a Jesus-loving, tattooed soccer mom to a beautiful, blue-eyed 12-year-old girl and “Choo-Choo” to a 9-year-old nephew and 4-year-old niece. Her hobbies include communicating in gifs, playing guitar, and bad dad jokes. Chelsi’s passionate pursuit is to teach women solid, Biblical truths focused on spiritual growth, loving God with our minds, all while glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.