Our Idol, Approval

Then Joshua said, "Now throw away the gods that you have. Love the Lord, the God of Israel, with all your heart." — Joshua 24:23

"Anything can be a god, if we put it in a place of priority in our lives," said the preacher. Misty wrote the quote down in her journal and underlined the word anything. Lord, is there something in my life ahead of You? She prayed silently. If there is, show me. Over the next few days, during work, family time, and rest, Misty felt God wanted to reveal something to her. She felt nervous. What was taking precedence over God? Was it food, shopping, her kids, or her spouse?

"Lord, I'm ready." she said. "Reveal to me what you want me to repent of." And in her spirit, she sensed God telling her that her need for approval from people was taking up far more time and energy than it should.

She thought about the times she had dressed a certain way or bought a particular item—even updated her Facebook status—in order to get a reaction from others. "You're right!" She prayed, laughing as she talked to God (of course He was right). "I am too worried about what other people think. I need to be concerned only about Your perspective."

Let's pray:

Creator God, forgive me for putting other things on the throne of my life. Help me to crave Your approval and perspective much more than the world's. And thank You for Your gentle conviction and grace. Amen.