Over Every Storm


He loads the thick cloud with moisture; the clouds scatter His lightning. They turn around and around by His guidance, to accomplish all that He commands them on the face of the habitable world. Job 37:11-12 ESV


The sun sets early now. Today it’s even darker as the skies open, bringing wind and rain. The four year old’s school day ends and dad has come to take her home. He walks in, drenched, carrying a wad of pink. His greeting is a hug, asking about her day, complimenting her work on a paper fan she’s made as he zips her into the pink raincoat. “You ready? You’re going to get wet.” A flash of lightning punctuates his words as she jumps. “Daddy, I’m not ready!” she squeals, as he leads her into inky darkness. “It’ll be ok,” he replies, picking her up, shielding her with his body. Her giggle floats across the wind as he races down the sidewalk with her securely in his arms. 
God does something similar with us. From Genesis to Revelation we learn hardship is ours to expect. The rain arrives with lightning flashes, cackling thunder. If given a choice, we may want forever blue overhead. With no storms in our lives, we miss experiencing the protection of His shoulder as the deluge comes. Sometimes it’s a hard truth to acknowledge we are never promised constantly clear skies, but we are promised the One who’s sovereign over every storm. When the drops begin to pour, He might not shield us from all of them. May we laugh in the face of the downpour as He pulls us near.


Father, Thank You for pulling me close when I’m not ready for the approaching storm. I love You so much! Amen.

Your turn:

When was the last storm where He pulled you close?

Are there storm clouds in the lives of those around you? Look for ways to encourage others of His presence and sovereignty.