Pressing On



I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. — Philippians 3:12


We all need a lot of work when it comes to fulfilling God's perfect plan for our lives. We get sidetracked, we mess up, life distracts us. . .and progress is slow. No matter how sincere our desire to live out God's purpose for us, we fall down again. And again.

But that's okay. God knows us better than anyone. and He knows we're not perfect. He knows we'll make mistakes and have setbacks. All He asks is that each time we fall down, we get back up and keep moving forward.

Think about it. Christ saw potential in us—so much that He died for us. He didn't say, "Oh good grief, look how slow they are! Look at how many times they messed up. Never mind. It's not worth it. "Nope. He paid such a high price for us because He knew we were made in His image. And He knew that as long as we trust Him and don't give up and keep pressing forward, our likeness will become closer and closer to His.

That's what He wants for us—for our spirits to mirror His. He wants us to love, for He is love. He wants us to be kind and gentle and compassionate, for He is all those things. He longs for us to be His representatives in this world. And we will be, as long as we keep pressing on.


Dear Father, help me to press on to become more like You. Amen.