Red Sea Experiences

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still." — Exodus 14:14

The Israelites found themselves in a terrifying predicament. The Red Sea was before them and the Egyptians were bearing down from behind. There was nowhere to go—no escape—no way out. They blamed Moses and questioned his judgment. In fear and desperation they cried out to the Lord for help. The Lord promised to fight for them as they demonstrated their trust by being still.

The Israelites' plight wasn't a surprise to the Lord. In fact, God brought them to that very place for His purposes. The Israelites would have to exercise their faith and trust Him to save them. The Egyptians would be destroyed when the parted waters engulfed them. The Lord would demonstrate His power and receive glory.

Have you ever encountered a Red Sea experience? Perhaps you felt hemmed in by life's circumstances. God is not taken by surprise. He allowed you to come to this place for certain reasons. Trust the Lord with all your heart, and Satan will be destroyed as faith displaces fear. God will receive the glory. There is nothing we face that God cannot conquer. Be still. Know that the Lord will fight for you. If God is for us, there is no one and no circumstance that can be against us.

Let's pray:

Dear Lord, give me confidence in You when I face Red Sea trials in life. As You made a way for the Israelites, do the same for me. Amen.