Resisting Obedience


“Oh, that you had heeded my commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” — Isaiah 48:18


Why do we disobey God? The answer goes back to the beginning of time. Even in the most perfect of places, with everything a woman could want, Eve found herself desiring more. This wasn’t because Eve was evil; no, she was still a perfect human being. But Eve believed a lie: the lie that God wasn’t worthy to be trusted. It’s a lie we still believe today. 

Every time we disobey God we do so because we don’t trust Him. We don’t believe He is truly good. We don’t believe He has our best in mind. We don’t believe He will do what He says He can do. And because we have bought the lie, we take matters into our own hands. Just like Eve, we sin because we think we can “be like God”, possessing power and control over our lives. 

God’s commands are not meant to limit us. They are designed to draw us closer to His heart of love. By putting faith in this truth, we reject the lies of the Enemy. True faith cannot coexist with disobedience. By obeying God, we allow rivers of peace and righteousness to nourish our needy souls. 


Lord, where do I need to trust You more?

Your turn:

In what areas of life are you resisting obedience? How can you step out in faith today? 

Photo credit: @ladylarueee & @hilaryhylandphotography #wholemagazine