Rock of Escape

Saul quit chasing David and returned to fight the Philistines. Ever since that time, the place where David was camped has been called the Rock of Escape. — 1 Samuel 23:28

Hearing that Saul was after him, David fled to a great rock and hid there. Just as Saul was about to capture David, Saul had to give up the chase and return to fight the Philistines. Ever since then, David called his hideout " the Rock of Escape."

Unsure of her footing, longing to find peace and rest, desperate for protection from circumstances, yearning for the silence only God can provide, woman also has an escape: God. "For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? (Psalm 18:31 NIV). In Him, as nowhere else, is she safe from her pursuers, be they in the form of family or friends, strangers or enemies, thoughts or circumstances, things seen and unseen. Here in her "sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum]" (Isaiah 8:14 AMP), she can rest easy, soak up the quiet, gather her forces together, remember the power of the spiritual over the material, and revive herself.

But how does she get to her Rock of Escape? By stilling her mind and approaching God. By trusting in Him alone. By calling out, "My Lord! Save me! By faithfully camping herself in His presence. By basking in His precious words of peace, comfort, and solace.

Let's pray:

I come to You, my Rock, my God, my Refuge, my Lord. It is in You alone that I may rest in peace and safety.