Run to God with Your Fears



“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3


My heart began racing and my mind was spinning. Thought after chaotic thought, I found myself inching closer to a full blown panic attack. Would I face my deepest fear tonight? I didn’t want to. I wanted to run away and yet felt absolutely paralyzed. “Help me God,” I prayed as I reached for my phone and frantically scrolled to find my Bible app.

Sometimes we’re faced with a fear that feels as though it may swallow us alive. Other times we walk through our day, week, or month with quiet fears—you know, the ones that slowly chip away at our souls. These silent fears tend to build and build until they overwhelm us. Whether our fears are slowly taking root in our thoughts or they come at us like a tornado, we must learn to run to the Lord with them.

When I’m stricken with a panic attack, I don’t feel like reading God’s Word, but it’s often exactly what I need. It’s one way I actively trust God through my fears. I don’t always do so perfectly or immediately, but I’ve learned the peace that comes from running to the God of peace with my fears.

So run to Him, fearful friend. I’ll meet you there at His feet, under the shadow of His wings.


Father, we often can feel entangled in a web of fear. Please help us to run to You in the midst of them. Help us to trust You more. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Your Turn

What are you fearing lately? Have you talked to the Lord about it?

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Brittany Allen is a follower of Christ, wife to James, and momma to three in Heaven. She exists to bring God glory and prays her writing is an avenue for that. She longs to encourage women to think and live biblically and thrives on seeing women open up their hearts to the Savior and to other women around them.